Who are we?

GDR Group 72

GDR Group 72 is a group of companies that was established in 2005, with a primary focus on the real estate, agricultural construction, construction and manufacturing industries. Through the years the company has expanded it’s operations, and has made substantial contributions to these industries.

GDR Group 72’s fundamental values of honesty, innovation and quality have allowed it to develop into an industry leader in its specific sectors. GDR Group 72 takes pride in its determination to provide high-quality items and solutions that satisfy the requirements and exceed the expectations of its clients.

As a socially responsible company, GDR Group 72 recognizes the importance of sustainable development and has instituted green practices throughout its subsidiaries. GDR Group 72 believes in building lasting relationships with its clients as well as employees and partners through the development of trust and respect for each other.

In the present, GDR Group 72 comprises diverse companies, such as RKS Homes, SRS Cattle and Milk Food , NEW RK Construction, Ri Si Home Food, RS 1 Liquid Products as well as 72 GD Steel. Every one of them have contributed greatly to the growth of the group and its growth, demonstrating GDR Group 72’s values and dedication to excellence.

All in all, GDR Group 72 continues to diversify and grow its business operations, while staying true to its fundamental values and its vision. The management and leadership team are committed to making sure that the company has a sustainable growth path and a bright future for the company’s businesses as well as its employees and other stakeholders.