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SRS Cattle and Milk Food Company owns 2 brands – “Shree Ji 72” & “Shree Ji Milk Products“.

is a manufacturer of milk products like milk, butter, clarified butter, cottage cheese, ice cream etc. The company was founded in the year 2018 and is headquartered in Bhopal, India.

The company has a wide distribution network across India and soon they will exports its products to various countries.

SRS Cattle and Milk Food has a stateoftheart manufacturing facility which has been accredited by ISO 9001:2008. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are committed to providing the best quality products to the customers.

Cattle Feed that every animal want

ठंडी, गर्मी एवं बरसात के समयानुसार एक्सपर्ट टीम द्वारा तैयार


Shree Ji 72 Midaas
(Cattle Food)

मिडास (पशु आहार) प्रोटीन फ़ूड, एनर्जी फ़ूड, आयोडीन एवं कैल्शियम युक्त


Shree Ji 72 Diamond
(Cattle Food)

डायमंड (पशु आहार) प्रोटीन फ़ूड, एनर्जी फ़ूड, आयोडीन एवं कैल्शियम युक्त


Shree Ji 72 Mix
Chana Churi

Shree Ji 72 Chapad

Shree Ji 72 Khal Alsi

Shree Ji 72 Sailez


  •  Shree Ji 72 Cattle food is made of high quality protein, energy and essential minerals. It provides your cattle with essential nutrients that help to build strong bones and muscles.
  • Shree Ji 72 Cattle food is a great source of iodine, which helps to keep your cattle healthy and prevent them from becoming sick.
  • Shree Ji 72 Cattle food is also rich in calcium, which is essential for healthy teeth and bones.

Reasons to Choose Shree Ji Cattle Feed

We provide products for cattle feed that are safe and hygienic for cattle. The products we offer are made with the highest quality raw ingredients. A few other characteristics of our business that has assisted us in reaching this level of success, are:

  1. High-tech, state-of-the-art technology
  2. High Quality standards
  3. Professionals with experience
  4. Completely equipped R&D unit
  5. Supply guaranteed at a minimum cost
  6. Qualitative range

We provide timely delivery of safe and high-quality food products to all of our customers
The latest technology aids in creating a top quality product

Quality Policy

At Shree Ji we believe in our commitment towards customer service and quality. Quality is not just a secondary target for us, but it is our primary strategy to ensure our survival and strength to grow in the future. We have the ISI certification and UKAS certificate, Shree Ji Cattle Feed is involved in implementing an environmentally friendly and safe process for recycling and disposal of waste as well as fostering a robust environmental policy for the community. Our employees exhibit high-quality methods throughout the process, which is crucial to the safety and commitment to quality of the business. Our entire product line is produced to meet the most stringent standards of quality and conform to the expectations of our customers. We have an internal quality control department to ensure the high-quality that is required to meet the requirements for safety and durability. Our entire supply chain is adheres to the highest standards of quality that are followed globally.


Shree Ji Cattle Feed is one of the biggest producer of cattle feed in central India with a modern and efficient infrastructure. Our labs are well-equipped to ensure that the highest quality raw materials are used to create a final product that is of the highest grade.

Our manufacturing facility is modern that includes the most advanced technological equipment and state-of-the-art production machines. The manufacturing facility has a the capacity to install a large amount of equipment to meet the ever-changing market demands.

Some of the most effective machines we have in our unit include:

  • Stitching machines
  • Machines for sealing
  • Balances for weighing
  • Automated form filling machines
  • Storage plant

Benefits of Feeding Shree Ji to Your Cattles

Based on the traditional practices of feeding, it was discovered that animals are not getting enough nutrition to ensure efficient production of milk as well as body maintenance and improved reproduction. Thus milk producers are advised that they feed their livestock Kapila Cattle Feed, which can result in:

  • An increase in the production of milk

  • Health improvement for animals

  • Improved fat content in milk

  • Recurring cycle of reproduction and animals becoming hot in regular intervals.

  • Increased Immunity of animals

  • Preventing metabolic diseases and deficiency disorders.


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